Wednesday, March 16, 2011

11 mos... almost a year

The changes are coming fast now. (Haven't I said that before?)

We are so close to R's first birthday, and she is picking up the pace to catch up with other one-year-olds. She can go from crawling to sitting back to crawling again. She can get up on her knees. She can pull herself to standing when she's in her crib demanding attention. She asks for things that she wants, like snacks or to be held standing up. Tonight she surprised both Senpai and I by crawling over to the tv and yelling at us. We talked to her, "What's wrong, Sweetie? You're okay, you don't need to yell." She kept at it until I picked her up. From her new viewpoint in my arms she could see the "Winnie the Pooh" dvd case on the tv stand, and she started wiggling excitedly. I laughed at Senpai, "I know exactly what she wants!"

We set her up with a pillow and her Pooh and Tigger dolls, and just watch what happened:

As I was recording with my point'n'shoot camera (sorry for the sad digital quality), I couldn't stop myself from giggling. I looked up to see Senpai's reaction, and he was having just as hard a time keeping himself together. Even after I stopped the camera, we couldn't pull ourselves away from watching her get into the movie. I'm trying to think of why this is special to us. I mean, she's reacting to her favorite movie, whoop-de-doo. But... she asked for it. And look at how happy she is that she got it! (Uh oh, we're in trouble.)

She is proving every day to be more and more of her own person. The parenting book I'm reading states that, "You are responsible to your kids, but you don't own them. They own themselves." Thank you, R, for showing me the pure beauty of you.



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