Due to my type 1 diabetes, I developed HELLP Syndrome in my first pregnancy and Rosemary was born at 33 weeks gestation. She spent 20 long days in the NICU, growing and learning how to eat. Due to unknown factors-- most likely the fact that I had a previous premature birth (and also the Super Moon)-- Poppy was also born at 33 weeks gestation and spent 25 long days in the NICU.

We're done having kids.

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As a result of many factors, one of which being that Rosemary had been born before her sucking reflex had developed, we never succeeded in breastfeeding. I grieve over that lost relationship here. With the dedicated help of every lactation consultant in the hospital, Poppy and I have it figured out this time. :-)

World Prematurity Day is November 17th. If you are so inclined, The March of Dimes supports premature babies. Your generosity towards this cause is dearly appreciated.

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