Hi, I'm Kyla. Nice to meet you. :-)

I live in Southern IL with my husband, Senpai, and our daughters, Rosemary and Poppy. After three years of being a massage therapist, I called it quits to become a mom. I love cats, sleep, anime, crochet, cycling, doing small things to help our planet and the people and creatures on it, all the while dreaming of someday doing bigger things.

I hope to one day be cured of type 1 diabetes, and I hope to accomplish so much more in this lifetime than the little I have currently done, so that my daughters will grow up proud to call me their mom.

I am inspired by my fellow bloggers who teach me so much, from how to cook scrumptious meals, to how to navigate the twists and turns of parenthood. I believe we all hold valuable pieces to this puzzle of a life, and if we can listen to and learn from each other, together, we will be closer to making the puzzle a complete whole. If this blog has shared even the tiniest bit of useful information or helpful understanding to you, then I am glad to continue writing.

So that's me. I hope to hear from you someday. Much love to you. Thanks for reading.
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