Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Graphically Challenged (but functional)

It's been quiet in blogland. That's certainly understandable with the holidays and all. I haven't had an urge to write either, so I decided to use the time I would've been writing by designing a couple of graphics. You can see them on my sidebar; I made a family rundown graphic and a button for the blog, both of which I'd been meaning to do for awhile. I hope you like them!

I went to school for graphic design back in the day, but I'm so rusty now. I have a hard time finding my way around Photoshop Elements because things aren't where I'm used to them being in the professional version, and then I always forget that Illustrator does not have "Free Transform" in the menu. There's a handy dandy "Free Transform" tool in the toolbar, but I waste so much time looking for it in the menu that it's positively ridiculous. Oh well. Good thing I don't do this for a living. ;-)

Please feel free to grab a button on your way out. And if I don't post again before then, Happy New Year to all!!



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