Sunday, November 13, 2011


Another reason I felt accomplished on Saturday was because I had finished R's quilt. Didn't know I was working on a quilt? I had clung to the idea for awhile, and then around September or so I started cutting up R's receiving blankets. She loves those blankets, but they were getting too small to cover her anymore, and with winter coming, I wanted her to have one nice, thick blanket that would be just the perfect size. (Last year we threw one of Senpai's wool sweaters on her as a blanket at night... she's outgrown that, too. There's a pic here.)

Cutting up Baby Blankets
I was so scared to cut the blankets! Aside from a poorly constructed pillow I had made back in my youth, I had never quilted before. Knowing my poor cutting and sewing capabilities, I did not have high hopes for this project, but I really didn't want it to be a flop. Yeah, terrified of cutting the blankets. But nothing would change unless I collected my courage and took the first step. Snip, snip.

Piecing it Together
There was no pattern to how I arranged the pieces, but I did come up with a few rules as I went along. I'm happy with how it turned out.

Figuring out the Edging
This part had me floored, literally and figuratively. I spent a lot of time figuring out how to make the edging. My breakthrough idea was to iron the pieces into the shape I needed (halved, with edges folded in). Once they held their shape on their own, it was easy to assemble and pin all of the pieces. It also helped TREMENDOUSLY that Senpai took R with him out of the house and I could work on the quilt in the daylight, Saturday morning. I had tried to work on it at night during the week, but by that time I was too exhausted to crawl around on the floor and solve hard problems.

Finishing Touches
After the edging went on, I ran some seams through all of the layers to hold it all together.

Finished Quilt
All done! I wish I had a nicer picture, but I don't want to delay publishing this post any further.

R Likes Her Quilt
Once again, I wish I had a nicer pic-- maybe one where R is smiling instead of hoarding apple chunks in her cheeks-- but I won't wait on it.

Chicken soup, finished quilt... yup, Saturday was quite the day! What'd I do today, Sunday, you ask? I watched R so Senpai could take care of his projects around the house. It's give and take. :-)



Gayle said...

The quilt turned out great! She'll be dragging it with her everywhere! That reminds me of the quilt I never finished for my son that I started two years ago. I think it needs to get completed!

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