Monday, February 28, 2011


My Mom, R's Oma, is concerned that R doesn't know any words yet.

I gave up keeping track of milestones around 7 months for R because it was so hit or miss with her. The books all say, "Here's what an average full-term baby will do around a certain age, but preemies will do what they'll do on their own timeline, regardless of their corrected gestational age." To that, I said, "Okay," and just let R develop as she pleased without pushing her.

But now that it comes to words, something she can't instinctively know, I guess I need to step up and "give her the words," as my Mom put it. I'm starting simple with toys that she interacts with daily: ball, doll, book, block (can I pause here and tell you how awesome HABA toys are?? R got this block set as well as Big Voyage for Christmas and she plays with them all the time. You just can't go wrong with HABA). Every day I've been putting two of those things in front of her, repeating what they are, and then asking her to pick one. She doesn't understand the question.

Kelle at Enjoying the Small Things had mentioned flash cards that have been working for her baby. Her baby is only two months older than R, but she was born full term. R will be one year old at the end of March, but technically she wasn't due until mid-May. Maybe it is a little soon for R to know how to pick a certain object out of a lineup. Or is it?

Happy Haba Blocking

I think we'll go buy some flash cards today.



That one girl said...

My son full term at one year didn't know any words. I think he said "mama" but that is about it. He could sign a few words. The doctors all said at THREE years old you want to start getting concerned. Three! My daughter was born May26th 2009 and she isn't speaking yet. I say, relax and enjoy the words when they come!

She Looks Like a Mom said...

Shhh, you're ruining my excuse to go to the bookstore! Haha. Wow, three, really? That's good to know. I do still feel like I could be more proactive in teaching R. Letting her do her own thing all this time has made me a very laid back mom (not that you could ever call me type A to begin with). I want to make sure I'm providing her with plenty of opportunities to learn, even if she doesn't understand yet. There we go! Bookstore = validated. :-D

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