Friday, May 4, 2012


The Super Moon is coming....

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Yes, I am scared.

You can tell me that past events do not predict the future, but I won't believe you until this full moon is over. R was born on a blue moon at 33 weeks. Tomorrow, we have a super moon, which "will exert 42 percent more tidal force," and oh, guess what? P will be 33 weeks.

My blood sugars have also dropped as of yesterday, so I was online looking that up: Do a sudden onset of low blood sugars mean labor is about to start? The answer appears to be no; it's just the normal curve of insulin resistance in pregnancy that usually happens after 35 weeks. So why is it happening to me now?

I was at the doctor's office this morning for the second non-stress test of the week. My blood pressure was normal, but P's pulse was 10-20 points higher than it has been. The nurse considered it to still be within normal range and wasn't the least bit concerned, but I see it as one more thing that is "off." That makes me concerned.



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