Thursday, August 5, 2010

Family Ties

Glamour Shot!

Today R met her Aunt E and Cousin K. Some family down, lots more to go! I started the list in my head and decided to scribble it out here.

So far, R has met:

0/3 Great Grandparents
2/4 Grandparents
1/2 Aunts
0/2 Uncles
1/4 Cousins (soon to be 6 with my brother's twins on the way!)
1/? Great Aunts
1/? Great Uncles
3/? Cousins once removed

I put ?'s for some categories because I am sadly unaware of Senpai's extended family; something we plan to remedy this September.

As an aside, Aunt E held R for awhile as we strolled around a mall. When I got R back, it was strange how she smelled like her Aunt E's perfume. I kept thinking, "This isn't how you're supposed to smell..." I can totally understand how some animals refuse to acknowledge their babies after humans touch them and make them smell different. No worries, though, I still love my R-baby. <3


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