Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Long Night's Rest

And just like that, the midnight feed is gone. This past week instead of drinking 4 oz and sleeping peacefully through the diaper change as she had been, R would only drink 1 oz of milk and wake up very upset during the diaper change. I had to admit that the midnight feed was starting to do more harm than good.

Senpai and I decided that we'd eliminate it on Friday. When Friday night came around and R was sound asleep in her crib, Senpai asked, "Why aren't you in bed yet?"

"It's only 10:00 pm... I'm used to going to sleep at 2 am."

He wasn't swayed, "Why aren't you in bed yet?"

"Yeah... I should go to bed," and I slept. It was wonderful. R woke up at 3:00 and 3:30 am, but she was easily lulled back to sleep with the pacifier. We expected that to happen again last night, but she surprised us by not waking up at all until her feeding time at 6. Now we have an easy, long night's rest.

Ah, if only I could grasp the secret to easy daytime naps, we'll be set.


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