Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good Blood

"The tests came back negative. You are fine," says the Indian doctor with her beautiful accent.

"So, from your standpoint, I'm not likely to get HELLP again in a future pregnancy?" R, learning to sit upright on her own, holds onto my hands and sways unevenly on my lap.

The doctor looks at R. "You are planning to have another?"


"You had HELLP before, so there is a 15% chance it will happen again. But you have no Lupus, no protein s deficiency. Your liver levels have recovered. It probably came from your diabetes."

Yeah, like that's going away...

"Talk to your endocrinologist. And wait. What is her name? R? What a pretty name. Wait until she is two years old."

"Oh," I say. Please say her name again, you make it sound like music.

"But you are fine. I don't need to see you again." She walks me to the checkout counter and has the nurse make me a copy of the blood test results. I buckle R into her carseat and smile inside knowing that she has a chance for a sibling. Someday, hopefully not too far away. <3


Maggie May said...

i'm sorry you had to go through having that, and glad to hear neg. on Lupus etc. we have diabetes in my family and i watched my grandpa deal with it for years and years, so i know what a hardship it is. i'm glad you are all better from the liver problems :)

anymommy said...

Always a beautiful thing to know. I hope it happens exactly when you want it to happen.

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