Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pissy Halloween

I am pissed off. It's R's first Halloween. I spent countless hours late at night carefully sewing her costume. Once it was done, I made myself a matching costume (Senpai was left to fend for himself, but he did a great job on his costume). Today is Halloween. R is taking a nap right now, and when she wakes up there will be exactly a half hour left in her day for us to actually celebrate the holiday with her. I am really pissed off.

Senpai's parents are currently living with us. These are some gung ho people who always have at least one, but usually many, projects to do, and they waste no time in getting them done. Real go-getters. And when they're staying with us in our 118 year old house, the projects all have to do with our house (it has a lot of projects). I found out last Thanksgiving and Christmas, as my kitchen was demoed, that, according to this family, holidays are traditionally days to work on projects. That was all well and good when I was pregnant and looking forward to having a dishwasher, but now that our baby is here, I want to shift the focus.

I was so looking forward to having Senpai, R, and I dress up in our matching costumes and getting lots of pictures and video of us all enjoying the day and each other's company ON HALLOWEEN. Natural light, lots of smiles, good times. Now the sun is down, who knows how smiley R will be when she wakes up from her nap, and we'll be rushed to get all of the shots in instead of taking our time and acting natural. All because I had to plant tulips, Senpai and his dad had to start building a staircase to the garage attic, and Senpai's mom had to paint. I am pissed. Are tulips, staircases, and paint what Halloween is all about? NO! So why did we waste the day with them?? No more projects on holidays. Or at least change the order of things. Celebrate the holiday for what it is first, THEN plant tulips, build a staircase, paint, or even demo a kitchen if we have to.

To end this post on a happy note, here's a pic of R looking absolutely adorable as the sparkliest merbaby EVER. I took these pics last week when I finished sewing it. Since she's a mermaid, I also sewed myself a mermaid tail, and Senpai is a pirate. Happy Halloween.

I'm the sparkliest merbaby ever!!!

Gift from the sea

Under the Sea

*UPDATE* We were able to take a couple pics of the three of us. Senpai's parents were running errands and not around for the little window we had between when R woke up from the nap and when she had to go back to bed. I wish we had gotten a pic of the three of us with Senpai wearing his bandana, because I really liked that bandana and I think it completes his costume, but whatever. This is what we got:

Nautical Family

Pirate and his loot

Mermaids out of water



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