Sunday, November 28, 2010

8 Months

R turns 8 months old tomorrow! There were new developments today and yesterday that must be added to the record books, aka my blog.

Yesterday- R was on her new Dora playmat, and she decided to roll and roll and roll until she ended up way off the mat, against the wall, with her head in the cat food dish. :-D The best part is that she couldn't figure out how to roll back the way she came, so she kept going around and around in circles up against the wall (yes, I moved the cat food dish)! That was the first time she had ever rolled consecutively, and, consequently, the first time she ever succeeded in moving herself somewhere. She kept it up today, too, going all around the dining room floor. I have yet to see her actually chase after something... I think she just rolls for the sake of rolling. ^_^

Today- Senpai sat her up on her playmat. She didn't fall. She stayed sitting upright for at least 15 minutes! Even then, she still didn't fall: she was starting to get bored so I put her on her stomach for her new rolling adventures to begin.

Sitting up!

My baby girl is getting so big!



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