Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful for... yeah.

If I seem closed-lipped and grumpy lately, it's because the in-laws are living with us.

While Senpai and my families are similar in some ways (mom and dad still together and well, one boy child and one girl child), they are also so very, very different, creating different environments to have grown up in, like night and day. Senpai, being the progeny of his parents, molds and blends right in with the chaos of having them here. He is so mellow and easy-going and all of my calm rests in him. Me, on the other hand, I feel like an outsider, and rightfully so, since I was raised by my parents. Completely different households, completely different personalities. I'm the third wheel that doesn't belong in this house. My house.

I don't watch the same movies as the three of them, I don't eat the same food, I don't laugh at the same jokes, and, no, I do not appreciate having my mom and I insulted on Thanksgiving. Once again, NO. Not in my house, not on Thanksgiving, not EVER. I'm pretty sure MIL wants me out of the picture. Just replace me with a woman who cleans more, eats everything, and continues to cook a wonderful meal for everyone to enjoy without getting upset that her heart was just crushed and she is expected to keep smiling while her and her family are badmouthed.

I'll get my heart crushed. I love my husband too much to go anywhere. Just don't expect me to smile anymore. What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? That my daughter is healthy. That my husband loves me and keeps me (somewhat) sane in spite of the chaos. That my mom and dad and brother understand me exactly as I am.

That's about it right now.



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