Saturday, November 13, 2010


Things that are lost or broken in this house:

Spoons. A wok. My car. Your trust. My sanity.

They're just things, right?

I keep telling myself I shouldn't get upset; stop thinking only of myself. There's a reason this is all playing out the way it is. But I still selfishly want it to come to a grinding halt: please stop breaking my things. Am I justified to feel upset? I never know when I'm being petty or when these feelings are actually validated.

But they're only just things. Look at the bigger picture and let these small worries go (are they small?). Maybe... maybe if you trusted me, maybe if you didn't accuse me of being something I'm not, maybe then these things would seem smaller than I currently understand them to be. They're just things after all.

They're just things.



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