Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard Warning

I've got the Weather Channel on in the background chirping out the latest news about the winter storm in St. Louis. I need the TV to tell me these things as I am sitting here in sunny Florida, missing all of it. I don't mind missing the snow, sleet, and ice. What I do mind is missing my husband because my flight home tonight was rescheduled for Thursday.

I'll write more about the reason R and I flew down to Florida in the first place when I get back to my own computer and can upload the pictures from the camera, but here's a teaser:
Grandad's 60th Birthday!

Senpai stayed home to paint R's room while we are away. An upside to our having to delay our return flight is that Senpai does need the extra time to finish the project. He sent me this picture earlier today:
R's new room in progress

It looks great. I'm happy that he had the day off from work today due to the storm, but I wish I could've been there to help. Before I turned on the Weather Channel, I kept calling him to get updates on the weather and the painting progress, and he'd report back how much he hurt. :-( Maybe he wouldn't have been so overworked if I had been there, but if I were there, that would mean that R would also be there, and the whole point of Senpai tackling this task on his own while we're away is to protect R's budding brain cells from the paint fumes (Senpai had posted a facebook update, "For the amount of brain cells lost painting with KILZ primer I'm sadly disappointed I didn't get a buzz. I guess I'll have to do this the old fashion way...BEER!" lol).

Loving being with my family, but also definitely looking forward to Thursday when I'll return home to snow, sleet, ice, and Senpai. ^_^



That one girl said...


In Floriday?! I'm sooo jealous! It's -20 here now!!!

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