Monday, May 16, 2011


I am saddened to admit-- but extremely relieved to have done so-- that I have blocked all phone calls and text messages from my mother-in-law. I also added a filter to my email to send her messages directly to the trash. I write this here in case she wonders why I'm not getting back to her. It's because I don't want to ever hear from you again.

She is certifiably paranoid. Every single person in the world is up to no good and out to get her. She believes it so hard that it comes true. I was a nice person, until I got to know her. Spend too much time with her and she twists you into exactly the rotten person she wants you to be. It justifies her madness.

I'm done with it. I'm done with her.

Everything is a secret. "Don't tell anyone; it's a secret. Keep it in the family." She can keep her own secrets. I will talk when I want to talk about whatever I want to talk about and she has absolutely no right to stop me. She zippered my mouth shut while she stabbed me in the heart. Repeatedly. I'm done. I have unzipped my lips and I am prepared to never hear from her again because she's afraid of what I'll say. That's fine with me. I'd live a much happier life without being accused of stealing her checkbook, her credit card, or more ridiculously, her husband. So now I've zipped her lips shut. No, that's not true; she can talk all she wants. I have closed my ears and won't listen anymore. The secrets, the suspicions and paranoid delusions, they were always hers. I refuse to hear another word of it.

Mother-in-law, I wish you all the best. I really want you to succeed in life. And you most likely won't believe a single word of those previous two sentences. So be it. For my own sanity, I can't listen to you anymore. Goodbye.



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