Thursday, June 23, 2011

14 months

It'll be 15 months in 6 days, so let's get this post going...

I love her so, so much. I can not believe the love and happiness that pours out of me when I see this face.
Cheezing for the Camera

She is getting huggy. She hugs Pooh, she hugs her doll, she hugs the cats. Anything squishy that she can get her arms around, she will pounce it. And the smiles that come with the hugs, oh man, such radiant, beautiful smiles.
Vash Snuggles

She also is a whiz at pushing buttons now. She can make her Gloworm glow and her talking baby talk.
Rediscovering Gloworm

Oh, these moments that we cherish now because we know they won't last forever. I haven't been able to capture it on film yet, but when she crawls towards something she wants, she swings her head from side to side as she plants her hands with purpose across the floor, and she makes a "nnnnnn" sound that rises in pitch at the end. My little scuttlebug. I hope she'll be walking soon, but I know I'll forever miss the crawling head swings. Speaking of walking, we are not there yet. She will cruise across the house with whatever aide she can get her hands on, be it her Wheely Lion, her Alligator Walker, or a chair, but when Senpai or I try to get her to take a step away from her crutch, she won't do it. Not yet. She is standing independently more frequently now that she is wearing her orthotics, and for that I am extremely grateful. Just one more step.

Developmental and Speech Therapists from the local Early Intervention chapter were here today to see if R needed their services. After they had interacted with R and asked me questions about her for an hour, they told me that they knew within two minutes of walking in our front door that R did not qualify for treatment. She had tracked them across the room when they came in and pointed and babbled. I told them that she said "doggie" and "dog" to the Pokey Little Puppy doll she had picked up during Storytime earlier in the morning. She also can say-- not clearly enunciated, but the meaning is there-- "I did it," "done," "this," and "What is this?" My smarty cupcake. She put puzzles together with the therapists, found hidden toys, and babbled her little heart out (she was in a very talkative mood today). That isn't to say she doesn't need improvement, though. The speech therapist pointed out that R does not imitate, and she doesn't make lip sounds. I've been given lists of words to teach her, the notion to use flash cards more often, recommendations for early learning dvds, and instructions to feed her smoothies through a straw to get her pursing her lips more. I'm on it. As far as the dvds go, I'm not sure I'm entirely sold on the Your Baby Can Read or Bumblebee Kids movies. Amazon reviews are either "It's stellar; it works!" or "It's too boring for my kid to pay attention to." I need to do more research.

So that is the cupcake at 14, almost 15 months. I'm so in love.

My Baby's Baby



Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

Look at that sweet pea! She is adorable... I read back on your blog and saw that she was early too like my little one. We've got tough little girls!

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