Monday, June 13, 2011

Subject: orthotics not ready yet

Dear Dr. O,

I am writing to inform you that after you cast my daughter R's feet on Wednesday, May 18th, as of today, June 13th, we still do not have the orthotics. You had told me on May 18th that your assistant, T, would be calling within two days to work out payment, however you did not tell me that the orthotics would not start being made without this payment. T did not call within two days; she called me on Friday, May 27th. At that time, I was under the impression that R's orthotics would be completed by the beginning of the following week-- by your words, "after a week and half,"-- but was dismayed to hear that they had not even been started. I gave T the payment information over the phone on May 27th, and like I said before, we still do not have them. As opposed to the one and a half week completion time you had given me, T said it would take two weeks. I called two weeks later on Friday, June 10th, to see if they were ready yet. T called over to your supplier and he told her they were in the completion stage. I just called today, Monday, June 13th at 2 pm, and a woman named C told me that not only are the orthotics not available yet, but she then had the gall to say that they take two to three weeks. I grow weary of being strung along. It is unlikely that R will take her first steps without these orthotics, and your company has delayed her development by not only almost an entire month to date, but also for who knows how much longer.

I sincerely hope that you do not treat all of your patients this way.



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