Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Decorations

We broke out the Christmas decorations, including the tree, last night after R went to bed. I started off just wanting to dust. Barnes & Noble Storytime is on hiatus in December, so I decided to host a playdate at our house with some of the Storytime moms and kids this coming Thursday. The house needs to be cleaned, and first on my list was dusting our incredibly fuzzy wood bookshelves. Senpai wanted to take it a step further by replacing some of the clutter lining those shelves with intentional holiday clutter, and out came the Christmas tote.

This morning, the first thing I did when R and I came downstairs was to put R on the toilet so I could step out and set the scene. After R was done on the potty, I took her out to her changing table in the dining room and diapered her butt up again. She was babbling happily until she looked up and noticed the garland and banner hanging from the ceiling. She immediately shut up and remained quiet, staring at the new sights while I finished putting her diaper on. I started the video after I put her on the floor.



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