Monday, December 26, 2011

Live-Blogging Potty Training... Again

I didn't expect to be writing this post today, but R insisted. Hey, lady, I'm all for having you be diaper independent. If you say you're ready, then let's get this boat moving!

She fussed through her diaper change this morning, same as she's been fussing through diaper changes for awhile now. The routine after any meal is that R will go to the bathroom to wash her hands, I'll sit her on the potty for a bit, and in the morning, the next step is that we'll take a shower together. She did not want to wash her hands (I made her), and she certainly didn't want to sit on the potty. I told her if she didn't sit on the potty then she wouldn't be taking a shower with me. She LOVES shower time, so that's quite a punishment. Nevertheless, her anger overwhelmed her desire for shower. I sat her on the travel potty in front of Sesame Street while I took a shower without worry of being knocked over by a toddler trying to squeeze herself between my legs.

When Sesame Street was over, I tried to put a diaper on R, and she once again, big surprise, threw a fit. The lightbulb went off in my head, "You want to potty train today, don't you?" It's not like we have anywhere to go today, so it works out. She wandered around in her training pants for an hour with no accidents. Now I'm about to get ready to make lunch, so she's sitting on the travel potty and watching Peter Pan. I'd like to put her back in a diaper while she eats lunch (based on previous experiences), but I don't foresee her enjoying that either.

She peed a bit on the travel potty during Peter Pan. She had drank juice while she was watching the movie. Now she is in her high chair to eat lunch, still wearing training pants. I put a plastic bag and a prefold diaper underneath her. We'll see if she'll want to sit on the big potty after she's finished eating.

Well, she really surprised me: she was still dry after eating lunch! I could not get her to wash her hands or sit on the big potty, though. She wanted nothing more than to climb all over the couch with her food-smeared hands and face. That didn't go over so well with Mommy. I sat her in the dry tub and attacked her with a wet washcloth. She played with the bath toys for a bit, still not wetting herself, and still not wanting to sit on the big potty. She accepted a diaper without fighting and then happily went upstairs to take a nap.

To recap this morning, after I took her nighttime diaper off, she has peed only once and it was in the travel potty. She seems absolutely certain to know when she does NOT need to pee, but I haven't really been assured that she knows when she DOES have to pee. Still, it seems like I could place more trust in her judgement. I'm not expecting a bowel movement until just before dinner, as it's been the last couple of days. So far, so good!

She had a long nap (always helpful), and woke up with a wet diaper. She did not want to use the big potty when I brought her downstairs. Right now she is wearing training pants and playing with her toys. Let's hope the rest of today stays dry!

She had drank juice at 4:20. I was going to enforce a mandatory potty break at 4:40, but she beat me to it: at 4:30 she started tugging at her underwear. I sat her on the big potty, and it took awhile, but she did eventually pee a little bit. I waited to see if she would poop, too, but it wasn't happening, so I took her off around 4:45. At 4:50, she picked up her juice cup and started to pee on the floor as she drank. Her first accident of the day. I put her back on the big potty. She peed twice more while sitting on the big potty. She got really involved in a new show I found on Netflix called Baby Class, so now she's sitting on the travel potty to finish up the show while I type this up. Thai food for dinner has been ordered and Senpai is on his way home from work. I'm going to lie down.

She peed on the floor again as she tried to play with some toys. I put her in a diaper after that. She then stepped in the pee while I was trying to clean it up. I was thrilled. Thankfully that's when Senpai came home, not a moment too soon.

After the way this evening went, I'm tempted to keep potty training only to the mornings for now. Some hiccups are that I have a doctor appointment in St. Louis tomorrow morning, and R has a pediatrician appointment Thursday morning. Fun, fun. We'll figure this out somehow.



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