Thursday, January 5, 2012

21 months and 5 months

R is 21 months old

She has a bread fetish. Today she snuck into the cabinet where we keep the bread, almost knocked over some glass dishes, but emerged victorious with a bag of hamburger buns. She then squeezed them up to her nose and took a deep breath, multiple times. Baby likes to huff bread.

Squeezing the Bread

She speaks amazing paragraphs of gibberish. I can't even replicate the sounds that come out of her lips. "Gibl gibl gibl gibl!" is as close as I can get in print. She'll say "bye" sometimes when we leave a store, but her words and use thereof are unpredictable. This morning when I wanted to change her out of her nighttime diaper, she avoided me, playing, until she finally realized that the diaper felt uncomfortable. She suddenly squatted as if trying to get away from the diaper, and said, "It is weh...T." That's a delayed but very strong T sound at the end there. The girl amazes me whenever she busts out sentences like that.

I made a dedicated effort towards potty training last week. We stayed home most of the time, R spent her waking hours in training pants, and, while I got better at catching her accidents, she has made no progress in telling me when she has to go. Storytime started back up this week, and R is back in diapers for the most part. Even while wearing the diapers, I know when she is peeing, but she still won't tell me. So I ask, "Do you have to go potty? Peepee or poopoo on the potty?" and I wait for one of these days when she will say yes.

5 months

I can't believe that there's only 5 months left in this pregnancy. I'm only 15 weeks pregnant-- which is nothing in the long run-- but counting down until the due date gives me 5 months to go. It seems so short. R's pregnancy felt like it would last forever, and then it didn't because she came early, but this pregnancy feels like it's going by so quick. Have I really been pregnant for 4 months already?

I'm still seeing the doctors every 2 weeks. I see them next week on Senpai's 30th birthday. I was really wishing they would do the ultrasound that day, but I asked and they insisted that we wait until I'm 18 weeks pregnant. Can't wait to find out if this baby is the little girl that I think she is, or a boy waiting to surprise me. I also can't wait to see more than just a little blob on the screen. We have one ultrasound pic already, taken at 6 weeks, and I haven't bothered to scan it yet because it doesn't look like anything. Show me my baby. I can't feel it move yet. Every two weeks I am reassured by hearing the heartbeats over the monitor, but I need more connection to this entity hidden inside me.



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