Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One Week to Disney

There were so many accidents yesterday.

Getting tired of potty training posts yet? Sorry, it's all that's on my mind, therefore all I have to talk about. I gave Senpai a full play-by-play of what happened this morning when he called from work. I'm sure he was thrilled to hear about the minutia that accompanies getting a 20 month-old girl to stop wetting herself.

Yesterday almost had me putting R back in diapers today. There were so many accidents last night. She didn't want to sit on the potty when we'd tell her it was time, and she wouldn't signal that she had to go. This morning I enforced, "If you don't sit on the potty when Mommy asks you to, you have to wear a diaper." I watch her fluid intake. I have a pretty good idea of when she'll have to pee. For her to not sit on the potty when I know she's going to go, that now automatically means diaper. And she HATES wearing her diapers, which makes it a very good incentive. :-)

It's working so far this morning. I had to put a diaper on her once due to her unwillingness to sit on the potty first thing when she got up (I know her bladder is empty first thing in the morning because she goes in her diaper at night, but I'm looking ahead to when she won't be peeing in her sleep). When I went to the bathroom, she followed me in. I asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty now, and she did not refuse. Nothing happened, but I put her in training pants afterwards, simply because she had been a good girl for sitting on the potty when Mommy asked her to. Since I've put the fear of diapers in her this morning, she's signaled twice that she had to go, and each time gave results.

I don't know what will happen this afternoon. For some reason-- probably because I don't watch her as closely after Senpai comes home-- afternoons always yield accidents. Maybe I'll ask Senpai to cook dinner tonight and see if we can get better results.

We are flying to Disney World in one week. Hear that? ONE WEEK. What a way to put pressure on a mama. If I were sane, I would not be potty training my child in such a limited time span. But R is leading the way here. She is the one choosing training pants over diapers, and (usually) signals that she has to pee. Don't worry about poop. I haven't mentioned it before, but she hasn't been pooping in her diapers for months. So this is all her idea, and I'm just going along, trying to limit the number of wet underpants on the way. I'm so worried about the trip, though. If I have to put her in disposable diapers, maybe she won't hate them as much as her cloth ones, and maybe that will cause her to regress. If that does happen, it's quite possible that she'll go back to potty training mode once we get back home and try to put the cloth diapers on her again, but who knows. There are so many possibilities, so many projected outcomes, that I don't know which one to expect. And I certainly have no idea what to pack for the trip. Pull-ups? Training pants and Flip covers? Special training pants with a hidden PUL liner (Tinkle Time Trainers)? Everything?

Mommy has a lot to think about.

UPDATE: Today was accident free! We did need to put a diaper on her during dinner due to potty avoidance (and she peed in it), but I did not mop up any puddles today! I wonder how Storytime will go tomorrow... Do I dare take her out in just a Tinkle Time Trainer? Umm, I may not be that bold yet.



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