Monday, January 16, 2012

Potty Club

I know I need to reign myself in, but I'm so excited that R is taking closer and closer steps to being potty trained. Life around here is slowly morphing into something better as old patterns are being disrupted and new rituals creep in. She wears Gerber training pants at home during the day. No more daytime diapers unless we leave the house, and even that paradigm is starting to shift.

We drove to Storytime this morning-- Senpai (off from work), R, and I-- and I took R to the bathroom as soon as we arrived. Her diaper was still dry. She sat on the toilet but nothing happened, so I put her back in her diaper. At the end of Storytime, I saw her fidget with her pants. I should've taken her to the bathroom right away, but she was in the middle of coloring, and I decided to wait. I had told myself before leaving the house this morning that we would do potty trips before and after car rides, but before I knew it, we were in the car heading home and I had completely forgotten about my rule. Not surprisingly, her diaper was wet when we got home.

She peed on the big potty before lunch (that's another rule: potty before meals), and kept her panties dry throughout the meal. When it was time to go upstairs for her nap, she didn't want to sit on the potty (the last rule of Potty Club: potty before and after sleep), and she didn't want to put a diaper on either. I fastened a Flip cover with a stay-dry insert over her training pants. She took an hour to fall asleep. In that period, I tried putting her on the Bjorn potty that now resides in her bedroom. She sat on the potty for all of 5 seconds without doing anything, but I was thrilled that her diaper covered training pants were still dry.

To recap, but mostly to remind myself, the three rules of Potty Club are:
1. Do not talk about Potty Club.
2. Do not talk about Potty Club.
3. New babies go first.

No wait, it's more like this:
1. Potty before and after car rides.
2. Potty before meals.
3. Potty before and after sleep.

If I can remember to keep to these rules, R can be a dry-pantsed toddler. From there, it's only a matter of time before she'll start to initiate potty trips herself. I'm so excited! I'm really curious to know if her diaper will be dry when she wakes up from her nap. I highly doubt it, but, man, that would be awesome if it is! Yeah, reign your excitement in, Mommy.



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