Sunday, June 3, 2012

On the Eve of Deliverance

On D-Day (discharge day) Eve,

I said goodbye to my favorite lunch spot.
Saying Goodbye to the Hospital

I took a picture to remember Poppy's home for the last four weeks.
Remembering the NICU

I washed extra small diapers, and hung them up to dry.
Prepping for Poppy

I pulled a box of baby bottles up from the basement and washed those, too.
Prepping for Poppy

On D-Day Eve, I am so filled with excitement over finally having the entire family together. For the last four weeks we have been operating as separate units: me and Poppy, Grandad and Rosemary, and Senpai bouncing back and forth from work, home, and the hospital. Tomorrow, finally, we will be a complete family again. For the first time.

Rosemary has no idea what's coming.

I feel sorry for her, to finally get me back after my having been so distant all this time, but with Poppy in my arms. I can't belong to just Rosemary anymore. I belong to both of them. I know this feeling can't be new; many mothers have experienced it before. I just wish I knew what to say or do to make the transition easier. No, seamless. I don't know. I don't have the answers. I just have to take it moment by moment and see what happens.

On D-Day Eve... I can't wait to have my baby home.



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