Saturday, November 24, 2012

6 Months, Sisters

6 Months

Poppy is 6 months old now.

6 month checkup
She can't sit up on her own just yet, but she's getting there.

One thing that is holding her back from sitting up on her own is her strong desire to lean forward. Her spinal erectors can't pull her back up, yet!

Such a Sweet Face
Isn't she gorgeous? She's been called the Gerber Baby. :-)


The sister bond is developing.
Sister Snuggles

I don't push it. I'm sure this will change later when Poppy starts crawling and getting into things, but for now I don't badger Rosemary to watch her sister for me. If Poppy is crying, instead of straight-up telling Rosemary to entertain Poppy, I problem solve with her: "Aww, Poppy's crying. What do you think is the matter? Is she sad that she can't reach that toy? Do you want to give the toy to her? Oh, look at how happy that made her!" This way she feels more like it's her idea, or something that she wants to do, instead of just grudgingly obeying what Mommy tells her to do.

Playing Together
I love watching their relationship mature.

Catch y'all later.
Too Cool for School


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