Friday, March 15, 2013

New SureStep Othotics

Rosemary got new orthotics today. I'll post pictures when I take some. She had been wearing some simple ones that stayed in her shoes. They were so simple, in fact, that they could be worn in velcro shoes. It was so easy to get her ready to leave the house! Put a sock on, glide the foot into the shoe, velcro, and done! That was nice while it lasted, but now we're back to complicated.

Her new SureStep orthotics velcro around her feet, and then need to be shoved into her shoes. They barely fit into her velcro shoes. After the appointment to pick the orthotics up today we drove straight to the mall in St. Louis that has the only kids' shoe store within 50 miles of our house.

It's getting to be the time of year for sandals and the store was well stocked. I get a pinch in my heart when I see all those pretty shoes that Rosemary can't wear yet. Senpai asked the saleslady if she might have a dressier shoe that could possibly fit over the orthotics... something nice for Easter, maybe? And while they did have a glossy black Mary Jane that was wide enough, it wasn't tall enough; the top seam bit into her foot. :-( So we got a pair of laced sneakers and called it a day.

The orthotics specialist, Mr. Glen, or just "Mister!" as Rosemary called him, noticed that R walks pigeon-toed. We think it might be more pronounced right now due to her getting used to the SureSteps.
We have an appointment with a specialist in May and we'll see if she thinks Rosemary's gait needs more heavy intervention.



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