Thursday, March 14, 2013

Listen to the March

"We can't all, and some of us don't. That's all there is to it." -Eeyore

My piece did not make it into the inaugural St. Louis Listen to Your Mother show.

Yes, I am bummed.

I was really hoping to be a voice for preemie mothers this year, especially since I don't think LTYM has featured a story about preemies yet. There are a high concentration of Neonatal Intensive Care Units in this area. St. Luke's Hospital, the sponsor and venue of the STL LTYM, even has one. If not me, I hope the producers took the opportunity to cast another preemie mother for this show. We need a voice.

No, Eeyore, we can't all. But I personally will not be one who doesn't. So I took my sad feelings, turned them around, and focused (R's new favorite word) them into something productive. I will walk in the March of Dimes.

When I entered my information into the March of Dimes website, I was automatically signed up for an event on May 11th, the day of the LTYM show. That made me smile. I had told myself before I even knew if St. Louis would have a show that, either speaking on stage or sitting in the audience, I would be there. So I accepted my sign from the universe that I was doing the right thing and clicked the link to find a different event. On May 11th, the day after Poppy's first birthday-- the anniversary of when I became a preemie mom for the second time-- I will sit in the audience and support my fellow STL moms.

On April 27th, Senpai, Rosemary, Poppy, and I will walk with other preemie families, and find our voices.

I hope you can find a dime or two to donate and help us reach our goal. Love and thank you!



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