Friday, April 19, 2013

Preschool Prep, Week 3

This week, we fell away from using the envelopes. I didn't like feeling restricted by what was on them, especially if it said "Play at the park" on a rainy, miserable day. Why should Rosemary be denied a sticker for a silly reason like that? And Rosemary fought against them, too. She started off Monday by looking at the list and saying, "No." I reiterated that she wouldn't get a sticker if she didn't do everything on the list, and she was quite okay with that. So the lists are gone. I still made the clear intention to myself that we would do a worksheet and projects every day as if they had been written down on a list.

In spite of the sass against Monday's list, Rosemary was still open enough to learn our phone number! I was so proud of my teaching abilities; I felt like a rock star. There was also Storytime on Monday morning. Senpai was able to come join us. It was awesome seeing him there since we hadn't seen him much during the weekend.

I bought a Melissa and Doug bead block set at Barnes & Noble. Both Rosemary and Poppy enjoy it.

Alright, we are branching into a photo-free zone here. I had taken a few pictures but they are on my old cell phone, which is acting buggy and will no longer sync with my computer. It also refuses to charge its battery which just died, so the pictures are being held hostage. Enter new cell phone! We're still waiting for the phone number to switch over, but I am the brand new owner of an iPhone 5. It's my first ever iPhone. I'm looking forward to it not giving me the same issues my old phone did. 

Tuesday, we baked cookies. As the single-serving cookie idea was never going to work, we made a whole batch of oatmeal raisin cookies. They are dairy-free, so Poppy can enjoy them, too! Going by the Letter Roundup we had done last Friday, I wanted to reinforce the letters she wasn't sure about. I thought I'd start at the top with A. On Tuesday she traced a capital and lowercase A onto drafting paper with my help. She held the marker and I moved her hand. I'm going to keep trying to get her to do it all by herself.

We continued learning A on Wednesday by gluing pom pom balls onto a piece of paper. I drew the line with glue and Rosemary put the pom poms on. She was so excited by the pom poms that we glued them on B and C on Thursday and Friday, as well. This morning, Friday, I tested her knowledge of the alphabet with the Letter Roundup worksheet again. She got 9 more letters today for a total of 18! 8 more to go! Once all of the letters on this worksheet are highlighted, I think I'll print out a new one and start over, just to really make sure she knows her letters.

Another project we did this week was a worksheet from her Preschool book. It was a cutting and gluing project. We started on Wednesday by doing the cutting part. I helped her line the scissors up on the paper and she snipped away, cutting pictures of foods out. On Thursday, there was a paper with three different colored shopping carts, red, yellow, and green, and Rosemary was supposed to glue the foods in the appropriate basket. I helped her with the glue stick. This was a lesson to me to remember that bananas are sometimes green, apples and cherries are sometimes yellow, and corn is sometimes red. I love how kids remind adults to stretch their imaginations.

That was our week. There was some craziness thrown in with the cell phones and the Spring rains, but we survived. On to next week!



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