Thursday, April 4, 2013

She Crawls!

Poppy is crawling!! She had been experimenting with it for the past two days: slowly shifting forward two paces and then sitting upright, effectively erasing her progress. We finally saw progress tonight!

As I was trying to nurse her to sleep in our bed like usual, she didn't fall asleep right away. In fact, she got to rolling. She rolled towards Senpai's empty side of the bed twice, giving me the duty of goal keeper: baby falls off the bed, score 1 on Kyla! No, she didn't fall, even though she threatened as such. It had been an hour, she wasn't falling asleep, things were getting more and more interesting, so I broke down and moved her into the nursery.

Her crib used to be in our room. I used to put her in there more often. But then teething happened, and rearranging furniture for house showings happened, and honestly, it's been quite some time since she hasn't slept in bed with us. For the record, she has never slept in her room. Her room was a disaster area  (or you could call it "storage") for her entire life, you know. Now that it is cleared out and actually looks like a nursery, and now that we have a MOBILE baby, well, it's time to put things where they belong. Cribs belong in nurseries. Babies belong in cribs.

I took Poppy into the nursery and then called Senpai upstairs to help with the task of rearranging things to make them work. The crib mattress needed to be lowered (yeah, it's been a long time since Poppy's been in the crib!), and other things like the baby monitor and a heater needed to be moved from our room into the nursery. While we were getting it all set up, Poppy was thrilled to explore the room. It's not like she'd never been in there before; I take her in sometimes while I hunt for clothes in her dresser. Tonight, though, she fully realized her ability to transport herself to whatever thing interested her the most. In short, she crawled. She zipped about from one side of the room to the other and then back again with a huge grin on her face. Ahh, my big girl!!

Getting her to fall asleep after all of that excitement, of course, wasn't the easiest task. I foresee a difficult night ahead. I will most likely have to be up constantly, reassuring Poppy that we're still here and we still love her. In spite of that, I'm excited to see what new adventures for Poppy tomorrow will bring.

When I crawled in bed next to Senpai, I said with awe, "There's no baby in our room."

He frowned a little, "I know, I'm sad."

"You are?" I was surprised; hadn't he been the one hinting that it was time for us to have our bed back?

"I liked watching her sleep."

Ah. I know, I thought, I liked watching the two of you sleep together.



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