Monday, June 17, 2013


It was a sweltering hot day. I asked Rosemary if she wanted to go swimming and she responded with enthusiasm. So after Poppy woke up from her nap, I told them, "Let's go get a pool!"

I loaded the kids in the car and we drove a short way to a local hardware store that had the molded foam pools displayed in the window; I was done with the cheap blow-up pools that deflated after one use. I told the cashier we were interested in buying a pool and asked if the larger size would fold to fit in my small car. She didn't personally know, but the sales assistant she called to the front was very clear: No, it would break. "Okay, we'll take the small one!"

Rosemary, Poppy, and I waited outside for the sales assistant to bring our pool to the car. I buckled the kids into their carseats and then required some assistance taking the headrests off the rear seat. The pool took up the entire trunk and went over the back seat as well, but it fit. I closed the trunk and drove home with no rear visibility whatsoever.

When we got home, I turned the hose on to fill the pool while I got the girls into their swimsuits. I had bought Rosemary's suit when it was on sale last season and it's still a bit too big for her, so she has at least one perpetually dropped shoulder strap. Poppy, of course, gets a hand-me-down.

I loaded them up with sunscreen, took them outside, and enjoyed seeing Rosemary's face light up when she jumped in the pool. Poppy took one look at it and her eyes said, "Oh, h*** no."

I am Not Going In There.


I tried to lead her to it, "C'mon, baby, it's alright. Look, Rosemary is having fun!"

Still no.
Nuh-uh. I'm Not Going in There.

Instead of playing in the pool, Poppy decided she wanted to climb on everything.

And Climb Everything.

And this.

Especially up here.
She Just Can't Get High Enough

Okay, Poppy, you're done!!

We tried again the next day.

I started off slowly, first standing myself in the pool while holding Poppy, and then lowering her down into the water.
Okay, I'll Get In

She liked it!

I didn't bother putting a suit on her because I wasn't sure if she'd even go in the water. When it was apparent that she would be playing in the pool, I slapped the swim diaper on her and slathered on the sunscreen.

Yay, pool!

How do you cool off in the summer heat?


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