Thursday, August 19, 2010

Done with Bubble Baths

Well, for me at least. I imagine R will love them when she gets old enough, if she's anything like her mommy. ;-) As a kid, you couldn't get me out of the water. Bathtub, swimming pool, ocean, you name it. I really miss the ocean actually... after growing up on the East Coast, it's hard being landlocked here in IL. I wanted to give birth, or at least labor, in a tub, too, but the circumstances prevented that.

I used to love bubble baths, but tonight, as I was soaking in my bubble-less tub, it occurred to me that I really am done with them. As a young teenager I would dump half a bottle of soap in the water to try to get it really foamy, just like in the movies. I'd enjoy it for a bit, but then the bubbles would die down. They never lasted the whole bath. What do you do with a bubble bath with no bubbles? It was anti-climatic for sure. Then my aunt sent me a whole box of Japanese bath bombs, and I fell in love. At first I would still add soap to the water, just cause I wasn't done with the idea of bubbles yet, but many years and many baths later, I've learned to enjoy the water without the anti-climatic bubbles.

Here's how I enjoy a bath:

There are two bath options. If I've taken a shower the same day, I will just do a relaxation bath. If I haven't showered and need to get clean, I'll do a relaxation/cleansing bath. Sometimes, like tonight, I'll also throw in a mask, just cause. ^_^

Relaxation Bath - Make a cup of tea. Start running the water and hop in. Add either a Japanese bath bomb if I have one, or about a 1/2 cup of Epsom salt and 6 drops essential oils if I don't. Turn the water off, soak, enjoy tea. Sigh of relief.

Relaxation/Cleansing Bath - Make a cup of tea. Start a shower and hop in. Wash face and hair, then switch the water to the faucet, plug the drain, and fill up the tub. Add the bath bomb or Epsom salt/oil and enjoy while sipping tea. When I'm just about ready to get out I will add some soap to a sponge, lather up, then use the bath water to rinse off.

See? The soap is at the end. I am so done with bubbles, lol!

(Send me an e-mail if you're interested in buying essential oils from the website I linked to. You'll need my member number. ;-) )


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