Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things I Love

Today I decided to counter my recent Scrooge demeanor by focusing on taking beautiful pictures of the things I enjoy ala Enjoying the Small Things. It worked. ^_^

Here's what makes my heart go a-flutter:

These dimples.
Love those dimples!

This bouncing baby elf.
Bouncing Baby Elf

Crochet projects.

An afternoon spent making a unique snowman with Senpai.
Snowbird 2010

Cute baby clothes.
R and Vash

New clothes from Anthropologie.
New Anthropologie dress!

Daddy/daughter time.
Father/daughter bonding

Matching pj's.
Matching pj's!

Sleeping Senpai.

Sigh. I feel better. Thanks for letting me share. <3 signature


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