Sunday, January 9, 2011

False Alarm / Cloth "Comfort Pads"

Well, the negative pregnancy tests were right. My period decided not to come one or two days off, but an entire week late. That's never happened before; it really caught me off guard! I am relieved to have a little more time to let R grow up before handing her a baby sibling. Yeah, I was worried: R doesn't even crawl yet, and she's getting heavier and heavier by the week. Being pregnant and still toting R around would have been a mite more than I'd liked to have handled. No worries, though! Just one baby for us to handle for now. We'll let R's sibling float around the universe a little longer before he or she will join us here. :-)

Aside from not having a baby we weren't quite ready for yet, a good thing about my period showing up is that I get to use my new FuzziBunz Comfort Pads! I would have been bummed if I had to wait another 9 months before trying them out!!! Haha. After the initial post-pregnancy blood-fest, my period took 6 months off while I pumped breastmilk. The first time it came back, I had a whole new perspective on my disposable pads. I happily wrap my baby's butt with cloth diapers. I wash them, they come out really clean, then I use them again. I love it! And R doesn't seem to mind. There are companies out there who make cloth menstrual pads, so why don't I try them? After my second period, I was done. I ordered my FuzziBunz Comfort Pads, one set of three regular pads, and another set of three overnights.

Now I finally get to use them, yay! They are just as absorbent as disposable pads. The big difference is that disposables are better at dispersing the menses throughout the entire pad, where the cloth ones just accept the blood where it plops. Your options then are to either change the pad, or shift where it sits on your underwear (ewww). I choose to change the pad. Cleanup is a breeze as I just throw them in the diaper pail with R's FuzziBunz. After the same wash cycle that the diapers get, the pads that experienced heavy bloodflow still have slight staining, but the other ones are crisp and white again. I am a very satisfied customer!!! If anything, I'm happy I get to know just how comfortable R must be in her FuzziBunz!



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