Thursday, February 24, 2011


She's learned how to say "Mama."

It came all of a sudden at Barnes & Noble. We had just bought her two new books. I ordered a frappuccino at the cafe and while we waited for the drink to be made, she chirped from her stroller, "Mmmmamamamama." The other patrons smiled sweetly at the cute little baby calling to her Mommy, but they had no idea that it was for the first time. My heart smiled, "That's right, Sweetie, I'm Mama." We settled into a comfy chair to read Baby Beluga, "Mmmmmamamamama."

You can tell me all day long that Mama is harder to say than Dada, but I won't believe you until I see my daughter's lips clumsily try to pronounce it. She's gotten very good at it since then.

"Mamamama!" ("Yes, Sweetheart?")

"Mama!" ("What is it, R?")

"Ma-m." ("Is everything alright, Cupcake?")

I think she's still practicing her newfound syllables; I'm not sure she really knows that it's me yet. It's not like I hovered over her and repeatedly declared myself to be her mother (I don't like to state the obvious, especially when it needs to be said more than once. That probably doesn't make me the best teacher, but hey, I'm learning, too.). As referenced above, though, I do reply to those syllables, hoping she will eventually deduce that saying "Mama" is an excellent way to get my attention. Not that she doesn't have it all day long to begin with. ;-)

And, oh wow, she is getting into EVERYTHING now. In the two hour span this morning between when she woke up and her first nap, I had to shoo her away from electrical cords, heating vents, the kitchen cabinets, heavy items, etc... Daddy's task when he came home would be to finish all the babyproofing we had not gotten to yet. Before then, though, I had to take R to the children's center at the gym, just to have someone else watch her for a bit, and also to give her new and different stimulation than what could be found at home! I'm so glad she enjoyed today's trip to the gym, as well as the last time. The time before THAT had me wondering if I could ever take her again because she cried the entire time she was in there. Good to know the crying spells have not continued.

Eventually I will need to research daycare centers and find myself a job, but until then, I'd like to enjoy warmer weather with my baby. After all, I'm her Mama. <3 signature


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