Monday, October 17, 2011

Live-blogging Potty Training

Yes, I am live-blogging potty training. Why? Because R and I are stuck at home, and I am nowhere near as interested in R's toys as she is. Right now she is sitting on her "My Carry Potty" while drinking juice and watching Sesame Street. Thank you, Elmo.

Today is the day when I'm ready to crack down on removing the safety and security that comes with diapers. She knows full well how to use the potty-- she's been doing it since he was 12 months old-- but she still pees in her diapers, because they're there. It's time for me to stop relying on the diapers, as well. I bought three packs of Gerber Training Pants, and I am ready to take her all the way to diaper independence. (Psyching myself up, lol!)

She has worn the training pants for limited occasions on two previous days. Those days involved accidents, but this morning has gone well so far. R woke up well rested. I brewed a large pot of coffee. We're all good. ^_^ The first thing we do in the morning is sit R on the big potty. Usually she won't pee then because she'd already gone in her nighttime diaper, but not today! So we started off strong with a morning pee. I put her in a diaper for her to eat breakfast, but the diaper was dry, so I think I'll stick with training pants during lunch. She peed on her carry potty around 9:30 while watching Sesame Street. Now I'm waiting for the juice to work its magic. As of 10 am we are accident-free.

10:11 am - More pee in the travel potty. She's eating her goldfish and watching "Peep's Big Wide World." I feel bad for her little butt to be sitting on that hard seat for such an extended period of time, but she's interested in watching the tv shows, and I don't feel comfortable with her sitting diaper-less on the couch or carpet yet. When she's playing with her toys on the wood floor I just keep her in the training pants with the potty nearby.

10:30 am - She stood up from her potty, and stood next to her slide still transfixed on the tv. She peed on the floor. Note to self: turn off tv if she isn't sitting on the potty.

10:40 am - Massive deluge on the slide. I should've taken the little dribble before as a sign to take her to the big potty, especially after she drank all of that juice. I tried putting her on the travel potty right then but she wouldn't go for it. She's sitting on the big potty now. I'm not expecting there to be any more pee left. We're going to hop in the shower now.

11:14 am - Here is where I start getting frustrated. We got out of the shower, I had just put new panties on her and sat her down in front of some toys so I could get dressed... and she had another big pee. I mean, where did it even come from? Patience, Mommy, patience. She is on the big potty again and she will stay there until pee or poop goes into it.

11:45 am - We read books and she peed on the big potty at 11:35. I asked her if she wanted to flush and get down, but instead she wanted to read another book. Ten minutes later she pooped on the big potty. Now she's playing, and I've got to get lunch ready before she wets another training panty. We're down three from the morning, six more to go.

12:35 pm - Her panties were dry when I put her on the high chair for lunch. After she finished eating they were wet. It would have a been a pleasant surprise if they had stayed dry, but I wasn't expecting it. I set her on the big potty again for the post-meal standard potty break and nothing came out, no surprise there. She is down for her nap now wearing a diaper. The shirt I had put on her this morning stayed clean through all of the accidents, but I had to change her into a new shirt anyway because I forgot to give her a bib with lunch. Oh well. Time for me to clean, bake a pumpkin pie, and try to relax. I need to regain my calm and composure for round two when she wakes up.

3:20 pm - Round 2! She woke up at 3:00 with a wet diaper. She sat on the big potty but didn't have any deposits. Now she's sitting on the travel potty watching her favorite movie ever, Winnie the Pooh. At the moment I feel like sitting on the potty while watching tv is good for her, because it reinforces the rule that pee only goes in the potty, not diapers (or training pants). Hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to move away from so much tv time.

4:30 pm - R took a break from sitting on the travel potty watching Pooh so that she could get on the big potty to pee. I had given her juice at 4, so it was time for it. Now the question... she wants to finish the movie, but she just peed... do I put her back on the travel potty? Or let her watch the movie without any sort of plastic protection? I know what the answer is, but I don't like it. No one said potty training would be fun.

4:50 pm - Since the issue of "plastic protection" was what was bothering me, I sat her on a plastic bag on the couch. I'm sure she appreciates the soft cushion under her butt! Still dry.

6:30 pm - She's in a diaper now. She had peed a little on the potty before dinner, but then after dinner we pulled her off her high chair sopping wet. I put her on the potty again and she wanted down before she had done anything, and she also wouldn't let me put a new panty on her. So diaper it is.

There's only an hour left to her day before we put her down for the night, and she's in a diaper, so that's the end of today's potty training. R is doing really great. She was very cooperative for the most part. The morning was a little rough, but, aside from wetting herself during dinner, there weren't any afternoon accidents, mostly because she signaled to me when she had to go. I see that as great progress!

I don't know if I'll live-blog tomorrow. Now that we've started potty training it will be an ongoing endeavor. My hope is to solely focus on it this week, with few, if any, trips ventured out of the house. We'll see how we hold up.



MooMooKITTEN of Death said...

With time she'll get it. Seraphina asks to go on the potty, not consistently but she knows that she goes pee pee in the potty. It'll probably be easier for you when she can tell you she has to potty or she can communicate it for you in some way because then you won't have to catch her before she pees she'll let you know when she has to go so you can take her to the potty. I wish you the best of luck and I'll be watching how it goes because we'll be hitting the potty training hard core when I get home.

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