Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Orthotics

R got new braces.

These ones are three separate pieces EACH (as if one would be different from the other, lol), and I am so paranoid of losing a piece, though that fear has already subsided since she first got them a week or so ago. There is a plastic shell that goes over her foot, a little foam piece that fits over the top of her foot for padding, and then the leg cast that fits over the foot shell and fastens it all together. It's the foam pieces that kill me because they're so easy to potentially lose. I did lose one on a day when I was in a rush to get us out the door for some reason, probably Storytime. I had put the brace and shoe on one foot, then found myself looking high and low in search of that missing piece. Eventually I suspected that it may have been inside the one shoe that was already on her foot, and, sure enough, that's where it was.

Here we go...
It's awesome that they still fit her old shoes.

Before the new orthotics had been completed, we had to stop using the old ones because they had become way too tight; we aren't up for foot-binding around here. We figured that what we could do in the meantime was buy R a pair of sturdy boots. I had to download photos from my phone to find pics of her actually wearing the boots.

First Carousel Ride at the Zoo
Here she is modeling her boots on the carousel at the zoo.

Tire Swing Horse
And here she's on a tire swing fashioned into a horse. Ride 'em, Cowgirl!

Even though we have the new orthotics now, the boots still get some use. We're heading into potty training territory (more to be said in a later post), and orthotics and pee just do not mix. Boots and pee don't mix either, but when we need to take her outside for a minute after she's been walking around the house barefoot, the boots are quicker and easier (they have zippers!) to slap on than six total pieces of orthotic and laced shoes on top of that.

Whew! Well, I was able to pop out three posts tonight. Stay tuned (at a later date!) for more posts about friends, potty training, pumpkins, and overall Halloween goodness. Yeah, I'm really behind. :-p



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