Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Very Pooh Halloween

Wow, it's November already: we set our clocks back, Guy Fawkes continues to live in infamy with the numerous Facebook posts of the Gunpowder Treason poem, and Veteran's Day is at the end of this week. So, maybe I'd better post about Halloween already. ^_^

But first, this is just too cute not to share:

Somebody Didn't Make it to the Bed for Naptime
With the front rail removed from her crib, R now has the freedom to get in and out of bed as she chooses. This day, she wandered all around her room when she was supposed to be down for her nap, and then sleep unexpectedly caught up with her. When I went upstairs and found her like that, I stood next to her for a good five minutes wondering if I should leave her be or pick her up and drop her bed, possibly waking her. The carpet is well padded underneath. Senpai and I have each slept on that carpet before, so we know it's comfortable enough, but it was the baby doll pillow that sold me on leaving her there. I covered her up with a blanket, but then she started to stir so I went ahead and put her in bed where she finished her nap.

By now-- especially after seeing the above picture with the little lady still holding onto her Pooh doll even in slumber-- you should know that R LOVES Pooh. So there really was no question of who we would dress her up as for Halloween this year. Behold, the Pooh Cupcake.

Belleville Trick or Treat
I happily bought this costume from Babies 'R Us. No stressing out over sewing a costume this year!

Last year, she wasn't crawling yet. I thought it'd be great to have her dressed as a mermaid, but I didn't like any of the store-bought infant costumes and thus set off to sew one myself. Here's a reminder pic:
Gift from the sea

Awww... Okay, back to this year. She celebrated Halloween at several different events. The pic above was trick or treating on our little town's main street. It happened on the Friday before Halloween, so the place was packed with little kids, all getting a jump on the early candy handouts.

Decorating Halloween Bags at Storyime
Saturday morning there was a special Halloween Storytime at Barnes & Noble where they decorated bags and then went trick or treating through the store. R lost interest after the bags were made, though, so there wasn't much candy from this venture.

Halloween Family
Saturday night there was a "Trunk or Treat" event at a local church where you trick or treat in the parking lot where everyone has their car trunks decorated. It was fun, and fruitful (or, should I say, candy-full?).

Franken-Pooh at the Zoo
We went to the Zoo on Sunday. At night, the zoo had fun Halloween lights and activities. During the day, when we went, it was just normal zoo operations, but they still had this Frankenstein guy up, perfect for catching a Franken-Pooh. We didn't mean to have R in her costume at the zoo, but it was so incredibly cold and windy that day (not at all what the weather forecast had said), that Senpai ran back for the costume we had left in the car for R to have some extra warmth.

Pooh-Choo TrainStorytime Kids
Monday was another regularly scheduled Storytime. Since she had already worn her "official" costume on Saturday, I dressed her in a Pooh outfit that we had bought at the Disney Store during our Florida vacation.

Some Kids Were Too Afraid to Come In
Halloween night. Senpai borrowed some decorations from our neighbors (who always go overboard in their decorating. This year they even borrowed the front yard of the house next to them on the other side.) and made a haunted entrance to our house.

Where the Candy Is
Here's what it looked like in the light. We didn't take R trick or treating through our neighborhood on Halloween night, but she enjoyed handing out candy with Mom and Dad. The play table is there to keep her occupied.

Grumpy Pooh
Here's R the Pooh, standing guard over our wilted pumpkins.

Jack Skellington, Winnie the Pooh, and Cupcake Pumpkins with Spirit Jugs
The pumpkins looked nicer when we first carved them. See?

Well, that was our 2011 Halloween! We had a blast, and I hope you did, too.



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