Saturday, February 11, 2012


The afternoon nap might have joined the ranks of the dinosaurs, the dodo birds, and other extinct creatures...

Ever since last Saturday when I first started "Three Day Potty Training," I have been emphasizing to R how she's a big girl now. "You're such a big girl for wearing panties!" "You use the potty like a big girl!" I guess she interpreted big girl to mean she doesn't have to take naps anymore either.

It started on Wednesday when she fell asleep on the car ride home from the Science Center. Our routine is usually wake up, eat breakfast, shower and get dressed, leave the house for errands/playtime/doctor appointment (whichever needs to be done that day), and then go back home for lunch and nap time. The Science Center day threw her off because she fell asleep before lunch. In the car. For 5 or 10 minutes. Apparently, to her developing mind, any little bit of sleep equals nap, and no further sleep is required until bedtime. So when we got home, and after I had made lunch, there was no sleep. No glorious two to three hours (yes, I know I was spoiled) of quiet. Instead there was stress and mounting frustration as I insisted she get back in bed and go to sleep, but, of course, she wouldn't.

The next day, Thursday, went the exact same way. I had a doctor appt. in St. Louis which she again fell asleep for the last 5 or 10 minutes of the drive home before lunch. Uuuuugh! I knew what to expect this time and did not get upset like I had on Wednesday, but I was still at a loss: where did my afternoon break go???

I was hoping for a positive change on Friday. We did not leave the house. There were no long car rides for her to squeeze premature sleep out of. She still didn't nap. What?! :-( A plus side to the nonexistent nap yesterday is that a dear friend brought her son over for a playdate. :-) She sent me a text asking if R was napping, and if she wasn't, how about a playdate? I said sure; all the better to make use of the unexpected awake hours added into my day.

And today? She initiated going upstairs to her room after lunch, same as she had done the past couple of days. But something is different today. As I type this, there is quiet over the baby monitor instead of incessant gibbering. Maybe, just maybe, she fell asleep... I think she did.




Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

My 3 year old is hit or miss on naps. Around 1:30 every day she goes to her room to nap or have quiet time. I hope for a nap but she usually ends up reading books and talking to herself. If she doesn't nap she's in bed by 8 at the latest. I feel like she still needs a nap but has a hard time settling down for one during the day. Keep us posted on how it goes for you. Especially if you find any helpful hints :)

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