Sunday, April 29, 2012


I webcammed with my husband tonight.
Photo on 4-29-12 at 9.34 PM

That used to be the standard-- back before FaceTime, before I had a laptop with a built-in camera, before he had an iPhone-- it was us, computers, and webcams, communicating across the country. I had met him in my home state of Maryland right after I had already signed up to attend a massage school in Las Vegas, NV. We had three short months of face to face dating before I packed my car up and drove away. But, in that fleeting period of time, we had already fallen deeply in love. The relationship continued over cell phones and webcams, as I learned effleurage and petrissage in the desert, and he moved to Southern IL to get his bachelor's degree. The following year I graduated from massage school, we got married, and I moved to Illinois all in one weekend. It was a busy weekend. Now, five years later, we find ourselves once again connected by webcam. He is on the East Coast for a week long training, and I'm here, at our house in Illinois, with the two-year-old and a 32-week-old fetus gestating inside me. I'm ever so glad that my Dad is here, too (otherwise, I wouldn't make it!).

Neighbor's Swings

It works in our favor that R now loves her daycare. It was a rough transition for sure: my fully daytime potty-trained Cupcake went back to having (multiple) accidents, both at home and at "school." Thankfully the daycare staff was patient and understanding, and now, three weeks later, she comes home wearing the same clothes we put her in in the morning. She needs pull-ups at naptime, but that's understandable; the daycare staff have to stick to a schedule and put all the kids down at the same time instead of keeping one up until her bladder is fully emptied. But yes, R loves it. She has figured out that daycare is more fun than staying home and running errands with Mommy, or going to doctor appointments and watching Mommy get measured and hooked up to weird machines.

Speaking of doctor's appointments, I now go in for weekly ultrasounds and doctor visits, and twice weekly non-stress tests. Fun stuff. All of this time spent sitting around in waiting rooms has given me a non-stop list of knit and crochet projects. It's been awhile since I last picked it up, but I'm back to using the knitting jenny to make little hats for the NICU babies. I've also made a hat and two pairs of booties for Poppy, as well as finished her baby blanket. See?

"Frilly Fun" baby booties

"Too Cute" baby booties

Poppy's Baby Blanket

I'm keeping busy, for sure. Until Senpai comes back home, and until Poppy makes her grand debut (another full moon is on its way... time to refill the anti-contraction meds prescription!), a steady stream of yarn flows through my fingers.



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