Sunday, April 8, 2012


First, you should know that I started having preterm contractions on Wednesday (a full moon), at only 28 weeks gestation. I drove the 20 miles to the hospital at night, in the rain, to be monitored and medicated. You can't come early, Poppy, this is too early... The doctors sent me home with contraction stopping pills that I'm supposed to take as needed. So far, I have had to take two doses every night. I don't consider that a good thing, but I am quite glad to have the medicine.

Now, on to Easter! Because of the early labor scare, Grandad drove up from Florida. He'll be here for a while, hopefully until Poppy is born which will also hopefully not be anytime soon. The upside to the craziness on Wednesday is that we got to spend Easter with him. We're looking forward to having Oma join the party when Poppy arrives.

Saturday, we went to a local farm for an Easter Egg Hunt. It was R's first time hunting eggs (she couldn't walk last Easter!), and she did it like a pro.

Baby Chicks!
The farm had chicks, bunnies, and ponies on display.

Bunny Bunny
Such a sweet picture: Senpai and Cupcake holding a bunny.

Catching Eggs like a Pro
Senpai put an egg in her basket and she figured out the rest from there. My big girl!

Today, Easter Sunday, Senpai took the eggs R had already found yesterday and re-hid them around our yard.

Easter Egg Hunt
She's off! (Look, proof that Grandad is here!)

Found You!
Found one!

Sharing a Moment with Rabbit
The victory sippy cup.

Happy Easter, everyone!
Easter Family at the Farm



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