Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Wish to Remember...

Poppy is on the cusp of some huge developments. She can now stand while supporting herself against a play-table for about half a minute. On her own. No help. She isn't sitting on her own yet, but she's getting there. She tried to push herself forward when she was on her stomach yesterday. She can occasionally bring a morsel of food to her mouth, but she's still figuring out what happens next.

The following vignettes are all about Rosemary:

She called our long-haired cat "kitty-fur-walking." Pretty accurate description.

She found a small stone. "It's a rock! Baby rock!" She then proceeded to sing, "Rock a bye baby..."

She saw cracks in the bricks of our garage wall. "Uh-oh! It's broken!" She patted a broken brick and consoled it, "It's awwight. All better! Give a hug!" She hugged the wall.
I said, "Aww, that's sweet, honey. C'mon, let's get to the car."
Except she found another cracked brick. "Uh-oh! It's broken! It's awwight. All better!"
I started to say,"Okay, Rosemary, that's enough..."
But she kept going, "Give a kiss!" And she kissed the wall. TWICE.
"Rosemary, get your lips off the wall!"

Today was monumental. Remember when I said I was working on getting Rosemary to say hi to Ms. Sue?The reason we were going to the car this morning when she kissed the bricks was to go to Barnes & Noble. Storytime is on hold until after the holidays, but we still drove up there to get out of the house. In spite of some huge meltdowns at the house earlier, Rosemary behaved beautifully while we were out. She was social, talking to other kids and adults. She listened to me when I said it was time to go potty or time to leave. She didn't give me much response when I asked her if she'd say hi to Ms. Sue, but when we did see Ms. Sue later, Rosemary babbled to her at length and then asked for a hug. Ms. Sue looked at me in surprise and I exclaimed, "Hallelujah!" It was a short hug, but it happened. And that is amazing. When it was time for us to eventually go, Sue said, "You have my heart!" as we walked away. :-)



Sarah said...

Your daughters are adorable!

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