Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Halloween Post

We had a lovely Halloween.

We started by picking pumpkins at our local farm. We never carved out an opportunity (ha!) to carve them, but hey, we got pumpkins. That's still something, right?

Picking Pumpkins at Eckerts

Pumpkin Picking at Eckerts


Then we participated in our Main Street community's Trick or Treat.

Senpai and Rosemary had their picture taken by the local newspaper! They're photo #8 of 10. :-)


Rosemary spent the entire evening in Daddy's arms. And brrrrrr!, it was cold! After the requisite visit to the port-a-potty at the end, I asked her if she wanted to get on the hayride that was taking people around the block and she said yes. It was loading right then so we hurried over. As she ran she tripped and fell flat on her face on the pavement, but she immediately got right back up and kept going, not phased in the least! My big girl.

Belleville Trick or Treat

Next was the special Halloween themed Storytime.

Between Two Supermen...

Family at Halloween Storytime

And finally, we went trick or treating on Halloween night.

Halloween Family 2012

We don't have the best neighborhood. Our neighbors' Halloween inflatables were all slashed this year. :-( 30 or so inflatables, all trashed. In response to the attack, the neighbors decided not to give out candy, and I agreed: we stood by them by not distributing candy either. No one came to our door with the lights out, but I'm not sure there were any trick or treaters in our neighborhood to begin with. I didn't hear any kids on the street and most houses were dark.

Because we live in such a lousy neighborhood, we went trick or treating on base. We didn't take Rosemary trick or treating last year. The events we did do that involved asking people for candy was more like Senpai and I doing all of the work while Rosemary looked on. She got it this time. She was on her own two feet walking to the different houses (still needing Daddy's help going down stairs, of course), saying "Tri-a-tree!" She also said "knock knock" as she knocked on doors, and "Thank you!" when she got candy. Sometimes she also said "Bye!" as we walked away. So cute! I love that she is getting to be more outgoing.


Daddy and Rosemary

Poppy enjoyed riding in the Boba with Mommy this year. I'm looking forward to helping her toddle along the sidewalks next time. :-)

Mommy and Poppy



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