Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Family That's Sick Together

This is our first time being sick as a family.

It hit Rosemary first, which is deceiving since we assumed it was her allergies flaring up. We had just returned home from visiting Texas, after all. It was the sudden temperature change getting to her, right?

Nope. The next day we were all dripping from our noses and having dry coughs. The dry coughs morphed into productive coughs. Rosemary had a few bad coughing fits that sent her running to me with wide eyes. She couldn't speak, but the eyes said it all. She was scared. So was I. I breathed a sigh of relief when she was better the next day, but then Poppy took a turn for the worse, spiking a 102ยบ fever that night.

Senpai and I cruised along with our coughing, sneezing, drippy selves. He still went to work, I still took care of the kids. It's rough being a parent at times like this. There's no one on whom to delegate responsibility. Grandparents live many miles away- we had just seen Senpai's parents in Texas! Other extended family is also not nearby. Who can I ask for help? My friends who also have small children? Nope, not happening. We already got Rosemary's friend A sick when we went to Storytime at the beginning of the week. I feel bad about that. We've hardly left the house since.

The productive coughs then went to our heads and now we're congested. It's been one week already. We're hoping the sickness will soon run its course and be done with our family. I can't take another week of being housebound.

Update: We saw the doctor today. Rosemary and I have sinus infections, Poppy has a sinus AND double ear infections, and Senpai has walking pneumonia. Lock us in the house forever. O_O

Good thing I made a fresh batch of chicken soup.
Mom's Chicken Soup



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