Saturday, April 27, 2013

Preschool Prep, Week 4

This week was about field trips!

I had a doctor appt. in St. Louis on Monday. Senpai and I figured out the last time I had an appointment down there that the Science Center was reasonably close to my doctor's office. So we did this time what we did last time: Senpai drove to the Science Center from his work, I dropped the kids off with him, and then I booked it over to my appointment. Rosemary was looking forward to this ALL MONTH. She kept asking to "go dinosaurs with Daddy." In reality, the true-to-life-size animatronic t-rex standing over a bloody herbivore (I don't know dinosaurs...) scares her, but she still loves to go and watch the thing move its head from side to side while she's being held by her Daddy. Poppy just enjoys the excitement of being around other kids. (I don't have pictures from this trip as I was at the doctor appointment, of course.)

Look, somebody else ( took a video of the t-rex. Looks like he's standing over a triceratops. Yeah, I know that one. :-p

Tuesday and Wednesday were rainy days filled with activities at home such as cutting and pasting. We didn't do worksheets this week because our printer ran out of ink. I can't photocopy the worksheet pages out of the preschool book until I go buy more.

Thursday, Rosemary, Poppy, and I went to the zoo with a friend from out of town. We had lots of fun!

We rode the carousel.

Rosemary's favorite part was the elephants. Poppy was just happy not to be sat on by her sister.

On Friday, Rosemary worked on tracing letters with drafting paper. She did really well for a first try!

I traced F to show her how, then I guided her hand for A, B, and E. She did the rest on her own. :-)

We also read a book about butterflies.
Butterfly book

Every page has the word "butterfly" on it, so I asked Rosemary to point the word out on every page. She was so proud of her ability to find it that she wanted to go through the book again.
I asked her to point out the word "butterfly" on every page

I have to admit, by calling these posts "Preschool Prep," it's setting me up for the idea of sending Rosemary off to preschool eventually. I've got one place picked out that I really want to send her to, but she has to be at least four years old to attend, which means she can't go until Fall 2014. I don't know what to do with her until then. I was given a huge list of names of preschools in our local area and I don't know where to begin. How do I know which one to send her to? I admit that I am overwhelmed. I do much better with fewer choices; I need to start narrowing down my list.



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