Monday, April 29, 2013


We're long overdue for a Poppy update! She is 11 months old, and there are 11 days left until her first birthday.

She has two teeth. They grew in at the end of her ninth month, so that must have been late February.
Two Teeth

She claps. Just started doing that last week. Another new thing from last week was that she learned how to say "Dada." She's been saying "Mama" since January. I was thrilled that she said Mama first, since Rosemary was the other way around. ^_^
She Claps!

You already know that she crawls. She started that at the beginning of April.
On a Stroll

She's started trying to climb the stairs. She can make it the second step. There's a door that opens to the stairwell from the dining room, so, needless to say, we leave that door closed now when Poppy is crawling around. Rosemary needs to learn how to use the door so she can make it to the bathroom!

Poppy loves to do everything her sister is doing. She learned how to use straw cups and sippy cups way sooner than Rosemary did just from watching her.

She loves to rifle through the diaper bag, looking for fun things to play with, including her sister's underwear and Mommy's wallet.
Rifling through the diaper bag

And she still loves food.
One for you...

Well, there's our Cookie, just shy of her first birthday. She's almost walking, too. Mommy and Daddy are super proud. :-)



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