Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Little Dancer

Ready for Dance Class

I had mentioned before how I want the girls to take ballet lessons. They have every right to say they don't like it, but at least they will have the opportunity to experience dance while they are young and flexible. I didn't take my first dance classes until I was 27, and I really wish I hadn't waited so long. Dance gives you a confidence... in what your body can do, what limits you can stretch. A movement or task that seemed so hard last month suddenly comes together after all of the practice you put into it: perseverance. I could have used those traits when I was a child.

Before Dance Class

I hesitated about enrolling Rosemary in ballet due to her hypermobility (the reason she wears orthotics on her feet). Our pediatrician thought dance was a great idea for strengthening her leg muscles and improving her condition. I still had doubts about the negative repercussions of dance, so I waited to ask the neurologist what her thoughts were, and surprise! the neurologist liked the idea, too. Rosemary loved seeing the other girls dance at an open house for the studio I had chosen, so all of the checkmarks were in place. We signed her up for the 6 week summer session.


At this age, the dance class is a half hour of tap followed by a half hour of ballet. We didn't have tap shoes for Rosemary's first class, and while the teacher didn't care (the dance studio had even recommended not jumping into buying shoes in the event that Rosemary wouldn't like it), it definitely held Rosemary back to not have her feet make the same noise as the other girls. She kept slamming her slippered foot into the ground, trying to get the same effect, and she was seriously confused as to why her footfalls were silent. I took her shoe shopping the next day.

First Tap Class
First tap class... shoeless.

Dance Practice
Trying out her new tap shoes in the practice space Daddy made for her.

Dance Practice
Giving the mirror some sass.

Tap Class
Next tap class... rocking it!

The ballet part is taught by another teacher. She is a highly competent dancer who could use a hand wrangling five 3 and 4 year olds. I was thrilled when the tap teacher got an aide later in the season.

First Ballet Class
Ballet's half hour is mostly spent stretching.

Ballet Class
Learning first position.

Ballet Class
Once again, stretching.

The summer session is over now; tonight was the last class. We had some bumps along the way, but Rosemary still loves to go to dance class, and I love watching her abilities blossom. I can't wait to sign her up for the fall session.

Before Dance Class



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