Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WIP Wednesday and other things

I thought I'd post my work in progress today. There's still lots more to do to it so maybe you'll get some more updates as I go.


The last reverb10 topic I saw asked me what the wisest decision I had made this year was. I thought about it, then thought about it some more, and as I became more and more ill (Remember that headache I mentioned? That was the beginning of fever and the head and chest congestion that manifested this past week.), I decided that the wisest decision I could make was to stop participating in reverb10. It's a time suck that takes away from other things I'd rather blog about, and I don't feel any better for answering the questions. So I will humbly bow out this year.

What would I rather blog about? R had her first fever Monday night leading into Tuesday. As I was busy hacking up my lungs, R was trying to push out her first tooth. Nobody slept that night. We were able to break the fever with peppermint essential oil, ibuprofrin, and, finally, a bath. I'm just amazed that after everything-- the sleepless night, the feverish day, the baby that refused to be put down all day-- the tooth still isn't out. It has partially broken the surface of the gums, but it's still wedged down there. Looking forward to lots more fun.



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