Saturday, September 17, 2011


A couple of post ideas have been swirling around my head, but I haven't made time for them in between marathons of anime and Facebook games. Sigh. Such important time wasters, right?

So tonight I wanted to just put the ideas out there; short, quick, and to the point.

1. Sibling. We're working on it, but no bones yet. We conceived R the first month we tried, which makes me wonder after a couple months already if the HELLP Syndrome messed me more than I had previously thought. Am I... infertile? I don't know, but if nothing happens again next month, I'll put the idea of becoming pregnant again to rest. The harder it is to make a sibling, the less of a good idea it seems to be.

2. Yo Gabba Gabba! We saw the live show tonight. R was too stunned in the first half to make any sort of reaction, but after intermission she started to clap during the songs. She didn't fuss at any point, so it's safe to say she enjoyed the experience, loud and crazy as it was. (Update: Hey, look! I wrote this post!)

3. Song. Senpai has been mentioning lately how hard it is to talk to me because I never seem to have an answer. He retracted that pessimism tonight after overhearing other women talk on and on about nothing. "Your words [though few] mean so much more," he had said. But it got me thinking: I express myself less and less these days. I used to sing, write, paint, whatever. But my voice has quieted and my creative fire has burned out. The thought had struck me awhile ago of enrolling in singing lessons to try to return some range and depth to my singing voice. I think I need to actually do it now. Try to ignite some sort of flame in my soul again, before I go mute.

That's it for now. I hope to elaborate more on these topics later, if I can peel myself away from The Sims Social, that is.



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