Friday, July 6, 2012

Quick Update

Just jumping in for a quick update here...

Rosemary's favorite teacher resigned from her daycare. She hates going to daycare now. She throws fits when we try to take her in the morning, and she's crying when we go to pick her up in the evening. I need to better learn how to handle both kids together because we can't keep sending Rosemary there.

Poppy nurses 100% of the time. Occasionally Senpai and I will heat up a bottle in a desperate attempt to try to settle Ms. Crankypants in the evenings, but she usually won't drink it. I saw a lactation consultant today, one of the ones who had worked with us while Poppy was in the NICU, and she was thrilled to see our progress. I told her how we were still using a nipple shield. I had experimented more with not using it in the past, but this week we had been using the nipple shield for every feeding. The consultant said it's time to wean Poppy off. It's past her due date and she's strong enough now to get a good latch. Yes, she'll be frustrated that it's gone, but now's the time for it to go, before she gets hooked on it. I'm thrilled.

I am so close to being able to feed my baby with no props whatsoever. No breastpump/cooler/hot water/bottle setup that I had with Rosemary. No nipple shield that I have to wonder where it is and fear if it will fall off, Poppy will knock it off, or it'll poke her in the eye. None of that. Just a good nursing bra, my baby, and me. Thrilled!!!



Lynn Newsom said...

Checking in to see how the progress is on going propless. Still got my fingers crossed for you.

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