Saturday, August 4, 2012

Learning Who Daddy is Again

I walk inside carrying grocery bags, deposit them in the kitchen, then peek out to the dark living room. Senpai is laid back on the couch with Poppy sleeping on his chest. "She screamed 60% of the time you were gone," he says, sounding a little strained himself. I get on his case for trying to give her a bottle of formula. I had told him before I left that she had already eaten, that his best chance to get her to sleep was the Baby Bjorn carrier. He didn't even try the Bjorn. What he did was open a brand new container of formula that we're keeping around just in case, instead of defrosting one of the many bags of breastmilk I have stored in the freezer. Sigh.

But I know he had a hard time. He wasn't thinking straight. No harm was done as she didn't even drink the bottle-- she's been breastfeeding exclusively for the past solid month. And I was serious when I typed the e-mail to him last night, "I'm done with the screaming." He has been at work the past three nights, not coming home until after midnight when Rosemary is sleeping in her bed, and I'm in our bed with Poppy on my chest. He hadn't seen Poppy get like this until tonight.

She's too used to me. She needs to learn who her Daddy is again.



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